How to Mod a Video Game

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Modding Video Games – Making Video Games Personal
Everyone is familiar video games. Whether you are a gamer or not you probably know that any digital entertainment can be hacked. Digital Entertainment, mostly video games, can be modded into some very interesting things. Some people think that modding a game can be a harmful situation and mess up game play, there really isn’t any harm being done. Although these allegations have been made, certain companies have endorsed modding to bring their games further alive. If a person has the right material and the time, they can change one of their beloved games into a super packed fun zone. For some people video games aren’t just a hobby but a way of life. Making it personal makes it life.

What is modding you may ask? Well, modding is a [different] form of hacking, but is not hacking in general. Although hacking is frowned upon, modding is looked at in a slightly different light. Instead of breaking codes and the special content lock as you would while hacking, modding simply adds onto certain codes and adds a new folder to a special content file. Files can be used for many different things; however they are used mostly in games as [save] folders for all of the game content and program codes. When it comes to modding, one is just simply modifying the program of choice to the way that they think it will better suit their gaming preferences Modding allows you to add many different personal aspects to a common game. These said modifications can be anything from cars in a game that is strictly old western to even allowing player to make their character fly with a rainbow following behind them; whatever personal preferences are. Modding is different for everyone, my mod can be something that suits me but is not preferred by you or vice versa, it just depends on the game at hand. Modding is a way to incorporate the personalities of every gamer that chooses to mod. In order to, for example, add a car to a game that is...
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