How to Mend a Broken Heart

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  • Published : July 6, 2011
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How to mend a broken heart

When you get a broken heart, you have to mend your heart. Although you feel sad and don’t like to do anything, you are always cry, always thinking about someone as you love to and almost the time, you would like to be alone. But it’s not really good because something, that make you get better is going outside to open your mind, For example. First, you should go outside to see your friends because the friend will always be helpful to you, for example. They will be consultant to get you feel better and they will invite you to the party, it can help you to forget the sadness. So when you feel sad, one of all to get you better is your friends.

Second, you should go outside to play the activities. Such as, exercise and play sports. These can make your body to be strong and your heart too because when you do this, you feel tried and then you don’t think much anymore.

Finally, you should go to travel. Traveling can help you much because you will see something that never see and you will see or talk with someone who never know. Maybe it can make you open your mind because traveling makes you to meet new things and then you will forget the sadness.

The opening your mind is the best way to help you from sadness. It’s one way to mend you a broken heart. But moreover this is you have to make your heart to be strong by yourself.
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