How to Measure Social Culture

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The Australian Library Journal Volume 54 Nº4 November 2005


Editorial   327

Wilma Radford: librarian, educator, 1912–2005 David Jones and Neil Radford 332 Graduate employment outcomes for qualifying library and records  management courses at Curtin University of Technology, 1998–2002 Paul Genoni and Kerry Smith 336

Copies direct: an innovative service from    the National Library of Australia Roxanne Missingham, Margarita Moreno and Anne Xu 353

Information literacy in the workplace Jennifer Kirton and Lyn Barham 365   The relationship between archives  and knowledge management: some evidence from Australia Bill Martin 377 Great minds: Metcalfe, McColvin and Public libraries in Australia David J Jones 386 Children’s literature initiative in Mexico: the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award  and the Swedish Institute join Latin American focus on children’s literature Anna Cokorillos 413 The Alexandria Manifesto on libraries: the information society in action 415 Book reviews 416

The Australian Library Journal
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ALIA’s Taskforce on… [scholarly] publishing, and the Journal


boArd of directors of AliA hAs established a taskforce whose terms of reference are as follow: eAders mAy AlreAdy be AwAre thAt the

The ALIA Taskforce shall investigate and advise the Board of Directors on the future purpose and directions for ALIA publishing and actions to be taken over the next two years to build a longer-term program. Promotional and marketing materials are outside the scope of the review. The Taskforce should consider future models, recommended formats and coverage for scholarly publishing by the Association. This is to include, but is not limited to: • Publication of ALIA's journals ALJ and AARL, and inCite news magazine in an electronic environment, and channel conflicts that may arise; • The relationships of ALIA's news magazine, inCite, and communications and alerting service such as aliaNEWS, to a scholarly publishing program; • Other opportunities for publications, either electronic or print; • Development of a publishing model that can adapt to change; • Business models for publications • Best practice for publishing by professional associations; • Other matters as determined by the ALIA Board of Directors or that may arise during the Taskforce's deliberations.

Note the refinement implied by the phrase in the Taskforce’s warrant...
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