How to Maximise Your Marks in Business Studies

Topics: Question, Answer, Understanding Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: June 1, 2013

As in all IGCSE subjects, there are techniques to gaining the most marks from your answers to questions. More writing does not necessarily translate into more marks. It is quality over quantity that counts. To put it another way: the examiner has set out a series of recognisable hoops and it is up to you to make sure you jump through as many as possible.

First you need to understand the marks available for each question. They are known as assessment objectives and fall under the following headings:

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING. You should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of facts, terms, techniques and concepts. Using the right formula, giving definitions at the start of a question and generally giving the examiner the impression you know what you are talking about will gain you these marks.

APPLICATION. You should be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of Business Studies to business problems and issues. See tip 1 below for more information.

ANALYSIS. You should be able to distinguish between evidence and opinion in a business context and order, analyse and interpret information, in word, number and graph form. See tips 2 and 3 below for more information.

EVALUATION. You should be able to present reasoned explanations, develop arguments and understand implications. You should also be able to make judgements, recommendations and decisions. After all, most of the Business Studies examination is related to solving business problems. If you do not give a solution to the problem, how can you gain full marks?

Top examination tips.

1)At the start of any question, check whether there is a technical term contained in the question you need to define. Giving definitions will focus your mind on answering what the question wants in a concise way.

2)Most Business Studies questions are related to an organisation, details of which are given in a case study or...
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