How to Mark a Book

Topics: Property, Paper, Psychology Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: September 10, 2013
How To Mark A Book" By Mortimer Adler. This essay was very useful. Adler states that you should read "between the lines" and "write between the lines." Reading between the lines is to think out side of what the author is writing and write between the line is to get the most efficient kind of reading. He give to example of owning a book. The first example is basically just being the property owner of the book and not putting it to use. The second example is owning the book, reading it, marking in it, and as he stated "you consume it into your bloodstream. Adler explains that having a fine library doesn't prove the owner mind is enriched by books. When making notations in a book, it allow you to go back and reference important details and it a learning process. Adler gave me a different insight on making note. When making note is indispensable, under liner important details or folding back an pages. If you don't want to mark your book, it's an option of inserting paper between the pages. I haven't thought about it until I read this essay. I usually don't write in a book unless it's a text book. The writing or marks are integral part of the book. Alder talks about lending your book out to friends and them being distracted by your notes. You lending your books out is like lending your mind out. Alder essay is very informational. Understanding what you read, is a receptacle, give your thought and question the author.
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