How to Manage a Bad Boss

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any employees have to deal with bad bosses at one time or another during the course of their careers. Bad bosses may behave like bullies, yell at or insult employees, provide incomplete or confusing instructions to employees, fail to train employees properly or otherwise make it difficult for employees to perform their jobs well. Bad bosses can make work unpleasant and lead to excessive job stress. Managing a bad boss properly can minimize conflict and job stress. Steps

Take action at once. It is vitally important that you do something as soon as you realize you are being victimized by a bad boss. 2
Choose the right time to talk and never approach him or her in the middle of a meeting or when you see him or her in the hallway. Make sure you’re in a quiet, undisturbed place so that you have his or hers complete attention, and you are calm and collected. 3

Try to show how his or her actions reduce motivation, hurt business, or increase expenses. If you can, explain the changes that would make working conditions better, and make for a happier atmosphere. Suggesting specific alternatives makes it easier to introduce positive changes. Agree to follow up at a later date, to evaluate the new situation. 4

Praise your boss or bosses when they get it right.
Praise your boss or bosses when they get it right.
Praise your boss or bosses when they get it right. Many managers never receive praise because somehow, it is mistakenly believed that praise should only flow from managers to employees. You may be nervous about approaching your manager to offer advice, but good managers are truly grateful for constructive, useful feedback, and will appreciate any opportunity they get to learn how to do a better job. Still, this article is about "bad" bosses - but when you have the chance to give them a good word, take it. However, be careful not to flatter a bad boss, it will not be understood. 5

Don't become the victim...
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