How to Manage Mediation the Singson

Topics: Mediation, The Mediator Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: September 20, 2012
a) The Whittamore’s relationship with each other.
Their relationship to other staff members at the clinic.
The potential conflict between Andrew Whittamore’s patients and the clinic. The relationship between Andrew Whittamore and Richard Singson. (b)Win-Win management style/strategies. This is appropriate because it will lead to creative solutions that will satisfy both parties’ concerns. Both parties will be satisfied. Whittamore

Stay in town to be near his children
Reconcile with his wife
Leave the clinic without paying any penalty as he is breaking the five-year contract Open a medical practice in town after leaving Fairview Medical Clinic Expected that the no-competition clause will not be applied to him as he is leaving for the benefit of the clinic Singson

Needs to retain Whittamore because he was one of its most respected members Needs to continue gain revenues from the doctor’s fee
Wants to be the leader in medical service providers in his town Avoid additional cost in recruiting a new doctor
Avoid creating precedent for other employees if the no-competition clause is not enforced Mediation – Intervention of a third party who has limited or no authoritative decision making power but who will assist them in voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement of issues in their dispute (1) The parties understand that the purpose of the mediation is to find a mutually acceptable resolution of the issues they bring to each session. The mediator will lead negotiations to assist in developing a settlement that is acceptable to the parties. The mediator does not make decision for the parties. The mediator will not offer legal, financial or therapeutic advice to any of the parties. The parties are encouraged to seek such advice independent of the mediation. (2) For mediation to be successful, open and honest communication and negotiation is essential. The parties will make complete and accurate disclosure of all matters relevant to the process of...
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