How to Manage Crisis

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Crisis Management
"Crisis management is the management of operations during the actual crisis (in the midst of the event) and the management of the business before, during, and after the crisis. Most crises require management from the outside-in and the inside-out by the management team" (Nykiel, 2005). A crisis whether internal and or external can occur at any moment in a hospitality industry. For example "internal crisis in the hospitality industry include a breakout of a food borne illness in a restaurant, infestation of rodents in a hotel and an outbreak of the flu on a cruise line" (L. Pullium, personal communication, September 11, 2008). Some examples of external crisis are "terrorism, environmental disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and floods. Successful managers of any organization should have a crisis management plan. An effective crisis management plan can assist in saving lives if managed properly. According to Nykiel (2005), there are seven (7) parts to managing a crisis, such as: 1- Know the mission and approach to the crisis.

2- Review the history of crisis and look at the potential for other crisis to take place. 3- Perform a walk through of a potential crisis. Create a "what if" situation. 4- Follow initial crisis strategy procedures.

5- Identify all persons affected by the crisis.
6- Incorporate the organizations' media policy.
7- Evaluate the crisis management plan.
Baderman Island developed a crisis management plan in an effort to "protect the safety and well-being of the guest, employees, and visitors". Baderman Island's crisis guidelines are to "provide a process that facilitates organized decision-making at unique times that might otherwise be quite chaotic". In addition, Baderman Island's crisis management plan will "minimize injury or loss of life, focus decision-making on critical issues in a potentially stressful environment, provide a flexible response process to a variety of emergencies, protect guest, employees, Baderman Island property and protect public image and confidence" (Olsen, n.d.) in Baderman Island. [pic] In addition to the crisis management plan is the crisis management team. The teams normally consist of employees of the organization and each team member has a specific responsibility. For example, Deon Mango, Director of Engineering responsibility is to contact the media spokesperson Mr. Darrian Green. Team member Jerry Watermelon's responsibility is to contact Crisis Care. Each team member always has a two-way radio on hand with a supply of batteries, cell phone, and emergency medical kits. Hospitality facilities must develop their own crisis plans and emergency guidelines. A "cut and paste" or "template" approach using other facilities emergency plans will typically not lead to full ownership and successful crisis planning within one's facility. In fact, it could lead to increased liability. Hospitality Facilities prepared for crisis and emergency situations: 1. Train staff on security and emergency planning issues. 2. Assess and refine hotel security and emergency preparedness plans. 3. Exercise emergency/crisis plans.

Hospitality Facilities can enhance crisis preparedness by taking practical steps: 1. Train staff on early warning signs of violence and hotel crisis management. 2. Form crisis teams and guidelines for manmade and natural crises. 3. Assess and enhance hotel communications capabilities. 4. Create and test evacuation, lockdown, and other safety drills. 5. Coordinate emergency planning with police, fire, and other public safety agencies. These, along with a number of other balanced and rational strategies, may reduce risks to prevent a crisis and in the worst-case scenario, to prepare security and community officials for effectively managing those emergencies which cannot be prevented.

Baderman Island's Crisis Management Plan...
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