How to Make a Water Filter in the Wilderness

Topics: Bottle, Filters, Container Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: February 3, 2011
How to make a water
filter in the wilderness
You need to know how to make a water filter if you face the fact that the only water you can find is dirty muddy water. When you filter water you remove all "visual" particles from the water. There are a number of different ways to filter dirty water. One simple way to make your own water filter is to use sand and gravel.

How to make a water filter - use what’s available:

1. To start with, you need a container.
If you can find a large, empty can, use it. Punch 5-10 holes around the bottom of the can. A large plastic bottle is also fine. Cut the end of the bottle off evenly. If there is no container available you have to use what material the nature can provide. Can you find birch bark? If so make a cone of birch bark. The cone will need to have a fairly small hole in the bottom. Tie the cone with cordage to keep it from opening up. Put a few stones in the very bottom, to help hold your filtering materials in place. 2. Then fill your container with layers of sand and gravel from the bottom to the top. For sand and gravel use both fine and coarse layers. The bigger the filter and the more layers you have in it, the better. If you use a bottle or cone you need to stop the sand to get out of the container. Find some filter material you can place at the bottom. For instance: - a couple of centimeter (inches) of pebbles,

- a grass mesh, make sure it’s nonpoisonous grass,
- or cotton material
3. Collect some water. Pour your collected water through the filter. Catch it in another container at the bottom. Look at the water that comes out of the filter. It should be clear. If not you may have to pass the water through the filter more than once. 4. Now you know how to make a water filter but to get safe water to drink you also have to purify your water. The water may still contain harmful bacteria that your filter did not remove.

Charcoal water filter
If you are lucky and have activated charcoal, make a layer...
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