How to Make a Simple Short Movie of Your Own

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How to Make a Simple Short Movie of Your Own

Motion picture first existed in the late 19th century. People used to make films by taking photographs and then combine them into a conventional motion sequence. Each image serves as a frame. However, recording a video to make a motion picture is the current filmmakers’ method. They shoot various scenes individually which are later assembled to create a transition between various situations depicted in a story. Nowadays, almost everyone has a video recording devices that they can plan to make their first movie. While it may seem very easy, its difficulties lie on its processes.

The very first thing you must do in creating a movie is developing a story. Brainstorm the ideas you like. In the beginning, you are the writer. Try to write a short and simple script in the range of everyday life, not the complex ones. The next step of making a simple movie, according to Jay Pavlina is to determine the goal and the target audience. Decide if it is a comedy to make people laugh or serious drama to captivate viewers. Think about who would relate to the story you have written.

When the story has been written, there comes the pre-production. This stage is basically about fundamental things you will need to support the making of your movie. You can be the producer or simply hire one reliable friend. Crew such as a cameraman, actors, properties such as costumes, filming equipment such as cameras, locations and most importantly the budget are things you need to assemble as a producer. Ask your capable friends if they are willing to be the technical crew or the actors. Then, pick any kind of camera you have, for example your cellphone and find the props to support your movie.

Subsequently, you will embark on the production stage. In this stage, you are the director. According to Drew Campbell, a director’s job is to visualize the tone of the movie. Visualize what the shots and angle will be like. Then, instruct and have...
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