How to Make a Right Choice in a Restaurant

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How to make a right choice in a restaurant
To begin with, I would like to tell that making the right choice is very important in our life. I mean not only in a restaurant but also in life. We always need to make a choice, what to wear?, what to eat?, when get up? What study…But let’s talk about our choice in a restaurant. Every time when we come to the café or restaurant we need to choose. But sometimes we are disappointed because don’t understand or don’t know how to make right decision. So, hare are a few items which will help you: 1. When you come into the restaurant you should decide where to sit If you don’t smoke you should sit at no smoking room. Then decide defined place” near the window, door or inside. 2. When the waiter gave you the menu

When you have a menu you may choose what to take. So, it will be better not to look through but carefully explore it. If you don’t know something or don’t understand ingredients of the meal you should ask the waiter. 3. When you decide what to eat you may make an order

When you make an order you must be also careful, because the waiter may miss something or don’t understand what you are talking about. Or sometimes it happened that the waiter bring your dish with another vinaigrette or Americano instead espresso. So, you may ask to repeat all order. Also ask how long you need to weight for your order, because sometimes you may weight just a few minutes and sometimes for a few hours. Refine it. 4. After making an order you should weight for it

When you are weighting you may add something to your order or ask to bring one more cup of tea or coffee. 5. You’ve got your dish
If you like taste, smell, decor and other additions of your dish you may ask the account. But if you don’t like something you may refuse to pay. To some up, I would like to accent that choice is very important and you need t be very careful when you are making it. So, be yourself and don’t be afraid to do what you want, order what you want...
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