How to Make a Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Management, Price Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Company Mission Statement
1.State the reason for the marketing plan.
2.Explain why you are in business, both personal and business goals. 3.Review business goals and objectives as well as specific strategies to reach them. Introduction of the Product/Service
Identify each service and product that will be sold. Describe it in detail and explain how it fits into the market. 1.For products, identify in terms of name, trademark, color, shape, and other characteristic, including packaging and labeling. 2.Differentiate the products/services in terms of how it fits into the market. 3.Describe the product/service weaknesses.

4.Describe the product lines, and new products/services that will be introduced. 5.List the cost of each product/service.
6.List the intended prices for each product/service.
7.Identify percent of annual sales and dollar amount each product/service represents. Target Market
Describe your target market in detail by using demographics, geography, lifestyle, age, population, etc. 1.Identify your customers - include all demographic and lifestyle information. 2.Identify location of customers (local, regional, national or international). 3.Identify factors in customer selection of the products/services and brands, including remittances. 4.Identify the size of each market.

5.Identify market trends, including information about market studies and test marketing. 6.List factors that affect purchasing such as: 1) seasons, 2) obsolescence, 3) tax considerations, 4) price, availability, service, 5) emotional considerations, and 6) all other factors. 7.Will promotional activities be concentrated in specific markets? Competition (Direct and Indirect)

Describe your main competitors, their products, resources and suppliers. 1.Identify competitors by divisions, product lines and markets. 2.Identify and compare your company's and your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. 3.Compare your marketing techniques with those of your competitors....
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