How to Make a German Chocolate Cake

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How to Make a German Chocolate Cake
So what is the history of the German Chocolate Cake? The truth is that the cake itself did not come from Germany it is actually originated from America. The name “German” refers to the type of chocolate used in the cakes. And the chocolate itself is named after a Walter Baker& Company employee, Samuel German, who developed the chocolate in 1852. The chocolate was named German’s Sweet Chocolate and eventually became known as German Sweet Chocolate. It is a semi sweet baking chocolate that has a mild flavor and is much sweeter that other semi sweet chocolates most people but at the local grocery store. A German Chocolate Cake is an impressive looking cake. It is a regular chocolate cake with a sweet and gooey coconut and pecan frosting. A traditional German Chocolate Cake is not a typical layer cake that is covered entirely in frosting. This specific cake leaves its sides bare so you can see both the frosting inside and the three layers of cake. One could argue that the best German Chocolate Cakes are made from scratch instead of store bought, box cakes, or just plain old messed up. Although there are many different variations of German Chocolate Cake recipes the one mentioned in this essay has been passed down from generation to generation. This particular recipe takes between one and a half to two hours to make. This recipe makes ten to twelve servings of cake depending on one’s reason behind making this cake. The ingredients used in this specific recipe are quite simple and very accessible. Many people already have most of these items already at hand. The ingredients for the cake itself are as followed: •Baker’s German Sweet Chocolate

Cake Flour
Baking Soda
Softened Butter
Separated Eggs
When making the cake batter with a mixer or without a mixer it will end up being light and fluffy. Along with the cake ingredients, there are also items needed for the coconut...
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