How to Make a Cup of Tea

Topics: Tea, Water, Sugar Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: February 28, 2013
How To Make A Cup Of Tea

Currently, drinking a tea is a habit. You can find everyone drinking a tea in their daily activities. The reason why everyone like drinking a tea is because tea can makes us relax and also the taste is good. You can also find the seller of a tea cup in any place such as in mall, canteen , supermarket or even now you also can find that there are many outlets which is just only sell a cup of tea.  They sell many kinds of tea such as original tea, lemon tea, milk tea, fruit tea, chocolate tea and other varieties. But you can also make it by yourself in your kitchen. I will explain how to make a cup of tea in general. There are several steps that you have to do to make a cup of tea. This is the three steps that you need.  First, choose dried-tea leaves as good quality tea. Second, prepare the ingredients and tools. Last, how  to make tea. For the first step to make a good tea, you need to buy a tea with good quality. Many kind of tea that you can find in market like tea powder, teabag, and tea dried-tea leaves. You can choose tea powder for simple way, but it is not too delicious because of chemical substance on it. Tea bag also the choice if you dont want to wait too long for make a cup of tea. But tea bag also not too good because the bag has’nt good quality and contains of chemical substance on it. The only good choice is dried-tea leaves because it more fresh and natural. Not only that, dried-tea leaves also have a good smell. Second steps after you chose the good quality of tea, you must prepare the ingredients and also the tools. The ingredients you need is like sugar. The sugar that you use here is granulated sugar not refined sugar. Another one is water ( boiled water). So you must boil water for the first. After the ingredients done you need some tools too such as kettle and stove to boil the water, if you dont have kettle, you also can use pot which is important to boil water. The last is how to make a cup of tea itself.  Firstly...
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