How to Make the Best of a Campus Life

Topics: High school, Learning, University Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: November 15, 2010
It is difficult to spend university days wisely. It takes a few months adjusting to the new surroundings although college students are excited with campus life when new semester begins. While some students are frustrated because they do not know what to do, others students adapt well themselves to new college life. There are plenty of ways to make the best of a campus life. Among them, I surely believe that joining clubs and studying hard are the best methods to make the best of life in campus.

First of all, being a member of a club enables students to make sound relationships with classmates and seniors. Knowing a lot of people attending the same college makes campus life more advantageous and meaningful. Students can get information about school life from seniors and can hang out with friends when they have spare time. For example, my friend learned useful skills for writing college papers from club seniors. Thanks to the seniors’ guidance he could get a good grade on his paper. Spending time wisely with club activities that students are interested in is a valuable way to make better campus life.

Last but not least, studying hard is one of the most important privileges that students must enjoy. People have no time to strive to concentrate on their studies while living. College life is the most appropriate time for studying. When facing the cruel reality of the society after graduating, people cannot delve into their majors because of hectic lives. Furthermore, getting excellent grades helps students to get a better job after graduating. For instance, almost all major companies in Korea regard graduation grades as requisite necessity. Therefore, students should engross in studying to make better campus life.

College freshmen are allowed to enjoy playing and studying. These are their duties and rights at the same time. Club activities and hard studying are the fastest way of enjoying life of campus. Students could make the campus life memorable by...
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