How to Make Mashed Potatoes from Scratch

Topics: Cream, Butter, Whisk Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Making mashed potatoes from scratch

Are people always buying boxed or premade mashed potatoes because making them homemade is too hard? This is the discovery that it’s not that hard to create a very tasty homemade mashed potatoes. Of course it takes a little more work than dumping a package into a pot or microwaving something from the freezer. However, the cook will prepare homemade mashed potatoes and have the satisfaction of knowing they were made from scratch. Preparing mashed potatoes consist of three major parts. Which ingredients and cooking utensils the cook will use. Cleaning and preparing potatoes the correct way. How the cook will mix the ingredients. By following these steps, one will see that as a cook homemade mashed potatoes can be prepared for the whole family to enjoy.

Now on to, which ingredients and cooking utensils the cook will use to prepare this dish. Many different variations of mashed potatoes exist today. The cook may use many different potatoes for the base. Also many different ingredients may be added in for different flavors. In this recipe, the cook will use red potatoes, and some basic ingredients to create a creamy traditional dish. To complete this recipe, the cook will need: one two pound bag of red potatoes, one stick of unsalted butter, one block of Philadelphia cream cheese, one eight ounce container of Daisy sour cream, one third of a cup of heavy whipping cream, salt, and ground white pepper. Tools needed are as listed: a large pot, strainer, cutting board, knife, potato peeler, and slotted spoon for cooking and preparing. A large bowl, and a small plastic sack for potato peelings. A mixing bowl, and mixer for blending the ingredients, a hand mixer or a stand mixer may be used whichever one is available in the kitchen.

Cleaning and preparing potatoes the correct way. To prepare the potatoes, the cook must first wash them to remove all of the dirt and debris. Next place the...
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