How to Make Korean Food Ju-Mok-Bap

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  • Published : June 1, 2011
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Practice English Conversation
Professor Grace Kwon
How to make a Ju-Muk-Bap like pro!
Hello everyone! I`m Bonnie. These days, the weather is really nice. isn`t it? I would like to talk about Rice ball which is called a Ju-Mok-Bap in Korean. One of the food that reminds us when it`s go on a picnic. Now I will begin that recipe. They are made of rice, colorful vegetables, ham or any leftovers you want to throw in rice ball . I will introduce the materials used in the balls. a slice of ham , a quarter of red and yellow bell pepper , half of carrot , a third of onion, a half of mushroom , seasame seeds, salt and one bowl of cooked rice. so before starting, chop all the things because we are going to roll into a ball. WOW Color is so beautiful? and take a frying pan , heat it medium and add some oils. once in a finishing heating, pour in onion, carrot, ham and stir. so when the onions`color tuns clear and pour the bell pepper and mushroom. Next, cooked rice add seasame, salt and pepper to taste and stir again. Finally mixture warm up around 3 min. and then now I`ll show you make a roll. So, before starting, here put on the gloves for sanitation. To make a rice ball all we need to do is take a one handful of mixture and using your hands, and form a ball. Shape into balls. ROUND ROUND ROUND. In order to look more fully, place one ball into plastic wrap and tied up and then make into a tight ball. Remove from wrap. doesn't it look nice? it is my mother`s know-how. And you can use a cheese or seaweed as a garnish like this or add whoever you can put chicken or tuna inside a ball. otherwise, it`s ready to eat.
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