How to Make Gel Candles

Topics: Paraffin, Wax, Beeswax Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 9, 2013
How to Make Gel Candles
Gel candle making is a great hobby for all, for adults and children (with an adult present at all times). Gel wax isn't wax at all, but a form of mineral oil. It's easier to work with in many ways than traditional waxes. The clear gel allows you to achieve many interesting looks, from floating beads to underwater scenes.

First, you need to get all the stuff for making gel candle. Material
Candle gel
Zinc Wicks
Fragrance oil
Liquid color dye
Glass container
Stainless steel pot

Hot glue gun
Second, heat gel wax on direct heat, in the stainless steel pot. Gel wax needs higher temperatures and a double boiler isn't hot enough. Gel should be poured between 230 and 250 degrees. Higher temperature leads to less bubbles. Never heat gel wax over 260 degree F, it will scorch or ignite the gel. Third, use some of the melted gel or hot glue to prime wicks, and to coat any embeds (Decoration) you want to use. Leave the embeds in the gel until the bubbles stop, and throw away that gel. Use tweezers to remove the embeds. Place the coated embeds into the container, and place the zinc wick. Gel candles don’t need a wick tab, so just tie the wick to a stick and set it on top of the container. If you prefer to use a wick tab you can, might be easier. Fourth, after letting the gel melt you can add dye to the gel if you want. Make sure to use a gel safe dye, and a gel safe scent if you wish. Gel dyes and scents have a higher flashpoint, and won't cloud gel candles. Fifth, pour the gel wax into the container. The best containers are clear glass. If you want less bubbles, warm the container in the oven, set at 100 degrees F, for 10 minutes. If you want more bubbles, use a room temperature or cool container. Sixth, if you want a lot of more bubbles stir the candle with a stick, stick it in the fridge, or shake it gently as it cools. Gel wax loves to make bubbles, so take advantage of this. Make less bubbles,...
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