How to Maintain the Fine Crusher and How to Increase the Output


 Chromium corundum is a hardness of the stronger, one of broken coefficient ore material, in the chromium corundum crushing processing, equipment selection, first broken than large, feature powerful deep cavity Hubei broken coarse crushing, and thenAfter a series of equipment screening, conveying efficient Cone broken chronology, and even ultra-fine crushing. For the Cone Crusher materials forming links this process, for Crusher extent of damage, so should be worth noting that in the crushing process of chromium corundum is to do the routine maintenance work on the Crusher.       Chromium the large corundum crushing production line, the last link in the process of crushing the coarse crushing from materials to the whole set of crushing the routine maintenance of the production line for production engineering progress, quality, and loss is crucial. Then the day-to-day production of construction of the specific attention to what aspects of conservation, to make equipment handy in the run work it?        Vipeak Heavy industry for routine maintenance of the crusher, you do the program in detail. First, check the lubrication system is essential in Cone Crusher boot,. Secondly the crusher empty load operation can begin to mine for 1-2 minutes. Reason because to the mine, to the mining work, mud, high moisture ore, to prevent the ore clogging to the mine mouth, and other factors. For the spindle in the production process again, according to the life cycle of sub-ore disc periodic replacement, otherwise very easily lead to the construction of the cone crusher motorized cone to fixed cone stuck, even burning motor, crushed, crushing therefore to Parking affect production. The times last routine maintenance is essential, before working equipment such as screw off, parts lax shall promptly tighten good makeready.        In addition to chromium corundum crushing routine maintenance of the entire production line is also very important. Vipeak Heavy industry prompted again for...
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