How to Love Coins

Topics: Judith Beveridge, Within Temptation Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Drew Doehring
IB English 5-6, HL, period 5
Written Task 1
This piece is a poem and biography written using the writing style of Judith Beveridge in How to Love Bats to show something that I love, coins, and how they represent a link between all humans and the history of the life we all share and have gone through. This story contains many ideas that are similar to Judith Beveridge’s poem however they are from my point of view and imply a different conclusion and afterthought for the reader to take away. This is that each person is connected by similar life experiences and that through these life experiences we can help others not go through the same ones we did if they were bad and help them go through the necessary ones or fun ones if they were good. I show how temptation can lead us astray from main goals in our life and how if we realize this we can keep on path and fight back against temptation to reach our true goals. I drew inspiration from “How to Love Bats” because that poem gave me the structure for my poem and gave me ideas about what I wanted to reveal to the reader in mine. Judith Beveridge is trying to show in How to Love Bats that imagination and acceptance are key for people to get along and experience new things and I’m trying to get at this plus the idea that temptation is an obstacle that needs to be overcome by everybody. My intended audience is for anyone that may be struggling with temptation in their life and needs some advice or for anyone interested in coins and how they link people’s ideas and experiences together. Word Count: 280

How to Love Coins

Begin in a mine.
Listen to the pneumatic drills pulse and pound
Dust in an eye, tears down a cheek
Looking for the narrow vein that yields the prize
think for a bit-
Open your mind and think some more
Nickel, copper, steel, gold, then
Listen for a change
A softer line of precious stone
Squeezed so tight in formation
The perfect pocket of form...
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