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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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My Big Brother

Me and my big brother have a very good relationship

together, we are best friend and best brother all in one,

these kind of relationship between brother are rear you

will not find a lot of people that have a very good

relationship with their brothers in my country and in a

lot of countries around the world, my brother is one year

bigger than me which make us more close because his

friend are my friend and my friend are his friends, me

and him share the same room when we were young and when

we moved to a bigger house his room was next to mine. I

consider him as my best friend, he knows a lot of secrets

about me, I have five brothers and one sister my big

brother is 20, then me 19, then my sister 17, then my

young brother Dhoom 16, then my young brother Hasoon he

is 9, and my youngest brother 4 years old Doody. My

biggest brother Abdul is my one and only in the house we

always go hangout tighter if I needed money or if I want

to use his car he give it to me without any questions

even if I had an accident in his old car. me and him

share the same bathroom, ferreter, some clothes, and

sometimes underwear.

We studied at the same school our whole life until I

moved to the United States, to Arizona State University

at Tempe Arizona. He was upset that I want to go to the

United States to study he advise me to come to the school

he study at but I choose to go to Arizona State

University because it’s one of the best school at the

United States of America. My brother helped me to get a

good scholarship to pay for my tuition at Arizona State,

he helped me too in finding apartments in Tempe.

My relationship with hem is very different from any

countries in the world because in China for instant most

of the kids there don’t have brother or sisters like we

do, and in the United States most families have two or

three in the most...
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