How to Live to Be 200

Topics: Human, Writing, Health Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: November 2, 2010
How to live to be 200 Stephen Leacock

How to live to be 200 is a beautiful essay, in which the writer has satirized those people who are obsessed by the idea of “Health Maniac”. The writer has given us an example of “Mr. Jiggens” who was a real “Health Maniac”. He was a person who was a person who wanted to be physically strong and healthy and to be healthy and strong, he used to do different sort of exercises. He wanted to live long. He used to take cold bath and hot sponge to open and close his pores at will. He used to wake up early in the morning and hunt for ozone. He used to hitch himself with his teeth etc. But what was the use of doing all of the exercises? He died at a very normal age and could not obtain long age. The writer satirizes all those people who are obsessed by the idea of being strong and healthy. He is of the view that physical fitness and health cannot postpone the death. One has to die at an appointed time. One should be worried about his health. One should take care of himself but not to be preplanned in hard and daily exercises. While talking about germs and bacilli, the writer provokes laughter and amuses us with his examples and sayings. But the purpose, again, to make us realize the fact that we should not be worried about the germs at a time. As they are harmless at a certain time and they are useful at a certain time. He is of the view; life is a gift of God and should not spoil it in useless activities. The essay, it can be said, is a remarkable satire on human activities. It also reminds us “Leisure”, a beautiful story by “W.H.Davies”, in which the poet satirizes the dull and boring routine life, useless care and worries of human beings which snatches the real luxury of life from them. Life according to “Stephen Leacock” is a heavenly gift and one should enjoy it without being obsessed by useless habits and activities.
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