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Online Recruitment Systems


Table of contents TOPIC 1: Introduction
TOPIC 2: Online recruitment systems.

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: Economic Benefits of online recruitment systems
TOPIC 3: Human resource Management in Hospitality management (Case study: Hotel) TOPIC 4: Job analysis, manpower planning, and scheduling work TOPIC 5: Recruitment, selection, and training of employees

: Tools and techniques used for selection
TOPIC 6: Job evaluation, conditions of employment TOPIC 7: Promotion, termination, and retirement of employment TOPIC 8: Employee condition, negotiation, and handling of disputes TOPIC 9: Summary/ Conclusion TOPIC 10: Bibliography 13 14 15 16 18


This research work covers the online recruitment systems and it’s economic benefits. It

Explains the benefits of this system in terms of time saving, cost saving and being the fastest means in which careers are advertised and applications received. It also eliminates the burden of space that is needed to store the hard copies of Cvs.

In the perspective of hospitality management the report explains the functions of HR function in this section a case study being a hotel. It shows the determinants of recruitment as well the training necessary for the hotels staff depending on the size of the hotel as well its customers. The report shows the organizational chart of the HR function in this industry. The information has been collected from various journals, publications in both HR and hospitality management industry.


INTRODUCTION Human Resource management has become one of the essential functions in an organization. No organization can do without this department. “ Human Resource is the function or department in an organization that is has the task to recruit, train, motivate, reward, dismiss, terminate as well as look after the welfare of employees in an organization.”1 (Human resource journal, August 2006, IPM (K) Therefore the HR has to ensure that the welfare of...

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