How to Launch a Tv Channel

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How to Launch a TV Channel
Your guide to building a successful TV Business

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Introduction – Nick Thompson
ack in 2002, when we published our first ‘How to Launch a TV Channel’ guide, most people were watching video on free-to-air analogue TV, with digital TV coming up fast on the rails. Today, in the UK and most developed countries, digital Pay-TV and digital terrestrial TV are thriving, video on the PC is at the front of everyone’s mind and mobile video is a niche but growing phenomenon. At the same time, the way that you put together and distribute a TV channel, although fundamentally similar, is also changing. We therefore decided that it was time to produce a new version of ‘How to…’ Instead of updating the original version we decided to go back to the drawing board, rethink the contents and write every page from scratch, to better reflect the TV industry of today and tomorrow.


Although internet video is beginning to deliver on the hype, broadcast TV, whether cable, satellite or terrestrial, is still the best way of providing high-quality TV to large audiences - and will remain so for the next decade or more. High definition will be increasingly important, but if it’s beyond your budget and you have exciting content that people want, you can be successful without making the switch to HD. However, if a direct competitor makes the move to HD you could be in real trouble. The future is likely to see some very exciting developments, including interactivity, the convergence of internet and broadcast delivery mechanisms and multi-platform distribution.

The future is likely to see some very exciting developments combining interactivity and the convergence of internet and broadcast delivery mechanisms

I hope you enjoy the ‘How to …’ guide and I would like to conclude with a few of my own thoughts on the exciting industry that my colleagues and I are lucky enough to work in:

If once you’ve read the guide you would like to know more about how Arqiva can help you to launch a TV channel, then please contact us at

Nick Thompson, Managing Director, Arqiva Satellite & Media.

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f you’re serious about launching a TV channel and you’re not a TV professional there is a lot of industry knowledge that you need to know and that will make your planning process much easier. In this short guide we have tried to give you the first level of knowledge you need to start planning your channel. A guide of this length cannot hope to be encyclopaedic, rather it’s our aim to help you to have a clearer picture of any gaps there may be in your knowledge, formulate the questions you need to ask and be able to understand the answers.


We’ve divided the guide into short chapters: Page The business of television

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Choosing your TV platform

Your content strategy

Getting on air a countdown to launch

Promoting your channel Future TV

Useful contacts


Current UK TV Advertising rules permit up to 9 minutes per hour of adverting


The business of television


ll successful business models for today’s TV channels rely on driving ‘traffic’ (or eyeballs) across multiple media and platforms. This ensures the maximum exposure of sponsors, products and brands to as diverse an audience as possible, and ideally culminates in viewer interaction which will directly or indirectly bring a financial benefit to the TV channel. Within each of the traditional business models of free-to-air (where the content is free to view); subscription and pay-per-view (by event rather than annual subscription), there are several revenue–generating activities which can be implemented across the board, on whichever platform(s) best suit your genre and your audience. It is likely that your channel will receive revenues from more than one of these activities. We have summarized these activities below: Advertising &...
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