How to Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 6 Settings Analysis

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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In chapter 6, settings plays a significant role in contributing to the story’s plot development and the understanding of characters, including their thoughts, actions, etc.

The settings first takes place at Miss Rachel’s yard. “Jem whistled bob-white and Dill answered in the darkness” As Jem and Scout leap over the wall, Jem says “Not a breath blowing”. Harper Lee uses indirect characterization by speech to show deadness and (,) loneliness (and hollowness).

Then Dill suggests “casually” to go for a walk. Scout’s thoughts to it is they must be hiding something and she thinks Dill sounds “fishy” and states that nobody in Maycomb just go for a walk. Harper Lee uses in direct characterization by character’s thoughts. The use of language “fishy” which means inexpressive show us Scout expects that Jem and Dill plan to do something at the Radley’s house. This is also foreshadowing the gun shot event and something negative will happen later on.

When Scout, Jem and Dill is at the Radley place, they try to make a peek through the window, however the curtains block their views. Making the story more intense since the readers don’t know what will happen next. Dill then suggests to try the back window. Scout immediately replys with “Dill, no.” Harper uses indirect characterization by speech. The no is in italic (a-ta-lic) which shows Scout is very serious about it. The chapter continue building the suspension using light and darkness. Because Scout says feel less inviting in the dark at the back of the Radley’s house as well as using the shadow of the person who shoots at them and Scout feels safe when they are walking to the street light.

We can get a better understanding of characters and how they develop through the settings. At the end of the story the settings take place at the Radley’s house. Harper Lee uses indirect characterization through Jem’s speech.

Jem wakes up and go back to Radley’s house and take his pants back. However, Scout is trying to...
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