How to Kick a Bad Habit

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Adolescence, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 12, 2011
How to kick a bad habit
Why do people start to smoke? This usually happens when a person is in their teenage years; therefore, peer pressure plays an important part. Many teenagers start smoking, because they want to be like their friends, and they may have a low self-esteem. At this age, smoking may get them accepted into the “in crowd,” and help them make friends. Some teenagers start smoking just to experience what smoking is all about or how it may make them feel in doing so. Then as time goes on and we are starting to become adults only then do we realize what could happen to us from smoking. As an adult, we start to realize that keeping up with the cost of smoking is starting to have an effect on our income with the constant increase in prices, which would be enough for anyone to have a heart attack. Before this, we did not have to worry about the cost as a teenager, because we depended on everybody else to supply the cigarettes. Most people have to find out the hard way to quit smoking before it is too late. Subsequently, researchers have found many facts on smoking over the years. Researchers have also studied over the years and found that the leading cause of not only lung cancer, but all types of cancer from smoking. Heavy smokers are in danger of damaging their lungs and having severe respiratory problems. Heavy smoking may also hinder any or all activities such as walking, running, riding a bike, because this may make that person breath so hard they have a hard time catching their breath. The heavy smoking may also lead to a person having heart disease or making them have a heart attack. During pregnancy women should not smoke, this will not only endanger their health but in most cases also the child’s health. Women smoking that are 35 or older still using birth control have a greater risk of having a heart attack, and blood clots. Recent case studies have also proven that smoking can cause the loss of bone density, therefore causing...
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