How to Kick a Bad Habit ?

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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How to kick a bad habit?
People who acknowledge that they need to make a change in their life are more likely to achieve that change than anybody else, take four active steps toward making that changing will move you closer to success in kicking a bad habit and substituted by a good one. Define you your goals by identifying your bad habit. The first step, supervision the bad habit and realize the negative effects of it then intention to change it by a good habit which will make you more proud about yourself. The second step, make sure t get some help it will be useful if you inform your family and friends about making a bid changing so they can cheer you up and give all the support you need, also the you see if your keep doing the bad habit so they would tell you to keep practicing not to do it. The third step, establish clear, realistic sub-goals and timeline. Sure it’s not easy to kick a bad habit; if it was simply we wouldn’t have a bad habit. For example, if you are drinking 5 cups of coffee per day and the mission is to cut down to one per day, give yourself a few weeks or specifically 40-days to achieve this. Finally the fourth step reward yourself, it’s the most fundamental law in all psychology, and let your family and friends to reward your success too of kicking the bad habit and achieving 40-days of maintaining a target.
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