How to Keep Ants Away

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How to keep ants away

During the warmer months of the year ants tend to crawl there way in to your home and other buildings in search of food, water and cover. As they are such small insects they can easily sneak in through the smallest of cracks and holes. Sealing those cracks and holes may slow them down a bit from making there way inside your home but this creative little insect still tend to find a way in. In order to completely prevent them from entering your home you’ll need to consider different alternatives. Here are some of the most effective remedies to keep ants at bay.

Caulk Them Away:

For starters take a walk to a local hardware store and get yourself some caulk. Weatherproof caulk will be more effective as it lasts longer than the ordinary caulk. It won’t cost more than a mere $6. Carefully search for tiny cracks and holes inside and outside of your house where you usually find the ants and caulk them shut. Don’t forget to follow the instructions for use on the caulk container for effective results.

Ants Hate Spices:

You may be surprised to know but some of the natural remedies to keep ants out of your home come right from your kitchen, spice racks or bathroom pantries. If you find an army of ants looking to invade any part of your house, just sprinkle some cinnamon on the threshold of the door entrances. Ants hate spices so they’ll retreat from stepping a foot inside your home. Spices like red chilies, black pepper and salt can be used with the same effect. You can use any of these ingredients to make a thin line underneath a door or windowsills wherever the ants are more likely to crawl there way in from. If you find the smell of these spices a little too pungent yourself don’t worry, you can use baby powder or baking soda the same way. It has also proved to be an effective remedy to keeps ants out.

Try Vicks:
Spices, baby powder or baking soda won’t work much effectively at vertical places, what to do now? Hang out we are...
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