How to Keep an Ideal Employee at Work

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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How to keep an ideal employee at work

When it comes to keeping the ideal employee to continue working in the company, that is the hardest job that one manager can have. Keeping the best employee or employee retention is a key challenge in the organizations today. There are many factors that can make one of your best employees to quit the job. In this essay I will discuss the ideas and tool about how to keep an ideal employee at work.

Employee retention is one of the primary measures of the health of the organization. If the organization or the company is losing critical staff members, the manager must be aware that maybe other employers would also quit. That is because they would see that the best employers are quitting, so there must be something wrong with the organization. So what I think a manager should do about this situation is to have an exit interviews with the departing employees. They can give valuable information that one can use to retain the remaining staff. The quality of the supervision an employee receives is critical to employee retention. People leave managers and supervisors more often than they leave companies or jobs. It is not enough that the supervisor is well-liked or a nice person, starting with clear expectations of the employee. The supervisor has a critical role to play in retention. Anything the supervisor does to make an employee feel unvalued will contribute to turnover. Most of the good employees complain about lack of clarity about expectations, lack of feedback about their performance, failure to be provided with a framework within which the employee can see that it will succeed and prosper. The best employees must be rewarded, recognized and appreciated. Some monetary rewards, bonuses and gifts make the employees more thankful and motivated. So the supervisors must observe and see these factors, and tell them to the manager so he can provide the employees. Every employee especially the good ones, want to have the...
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