How to Keep an Ideal Employee at Work

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How to keep an ideal employee at work

Running a company is a great challenge because its success mainly depends on the employees and their performance. If a company has managed to obtain an efficient and dedicated workforce, it will also have to retain it in order to achieve accomplishments. In the business world, people often change jobs when a better opportunity arises. However, if a company loses its best employees, it might indicate that something is wrong in the company which will probably make the rest of the employees give their notice of resignation if they are not pleased with the working conditions. Yet, if the company has developed retention strategies, it may never lose a desirable employee.

The employees should be pushed to their limits but at the same time they should feel happy and motivated. Although it is expected of them to be driven by motivation, it is the employer’s responsibility to keep the employees motivated. That is why one of the primary measures taken to maintain a healthy organization is the honest approach towards employees. First of all, the employer must build and maintain a close rapport with their employees. It would be nice to compliment them at least at the end of the week for a job well done, so that they would feel appreciated. Moreover, public criticism should be avoided because it might lead to dissatisfaction and resignations. Criticism should be done in private, while praise should be given publicly. However, the employer, besides being supportive and fair, should not forget to discipline the employees when necessary.

The message of “firm and fair” should be sent to every employee, no matter of their performance, so that they would be more respectful to everyone in their environment. However, the employees, especially the good ones, should not be either threatened by or fear the supervisors. By fair and firm approach, they should become aware that everyone is treated equally and that the...
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