How to Irritate Your Girlfriend - Short Essay

Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: November 25, 2012
How to irritate your girlfriend

I will tell you a story about how to drive your girlfriend up the wall. Firstly, you will need the ’ingredients’. Like you should get a girl who you can annoy, and a bunch of ideas. What are the best ways to make a girl angry? You can say it is way too simple, but I have my own experience in this topic and I would like to share it with you. My personal experience about topic was gained on one day.

It was a summer morning when I felt this day will be quite unusual and peculiar to me, I did not know at that time of the day that my girlfriend will be a victim of my sillines. I was just walking to her when I found a frog on the road and I thought that she my like them, because she’s favorite subject is biology. So I went to her and when she opened the door she screamed a very big one and I was just standing there and laughing. What is wrong, I questioned. She said that ’throw away that disgusting thing’. I just put the animal to the grass and walked into the house. After that I recognized there is something trouble. Like in a film when the hero says ‘Oh damn it’.

I have forgotten that it was her name day. It was catastrophic. So I just wanted to sneak out like a robber, but I was not lucky. She caught me with her eyes and I knew I was in a great trouble. A bad starting (with the frog) and a worse continuation. I was just reflecting on, what can i do(I was wondering, what will I get)? I had not reached a completely good solution, so I went home.

At early night, my brain was switched on, how to solve the problem. I will buy her some chocolate (I know not the best, but something). When I came to her house I thought, all right go there and try not to do anything that irritates her. When she saw the chocolate in my hands, she just started crying. So this day was not from the best ones.

But it was not over. After that she said to me, in her life she never was as mad as that second. I have not designed it, just in my body...
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