How to Install Windows 7

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Installing Microsoft Windows 7
Nearly every personal computer requires an operating system in order for people to compute the way they want. Typically a brand new store bought computer will come with a basic operating system. On the contrary similar to the one present, a user can decide to build their own computer from scratch. They will need to purchase and install the operating system manually. Like a manager, an operating system’s job is to make sure that all of the programs on the computer are doing their job. An operating system consists as a collection of software and services that manages computer hardware resources. In this case, the user will install “Microsoft Windows 7 Professional” on a brand new computer with a fresh hard disk that has been formatted entirely. Before proceeding to install “Microsoft Windows 7 Professional” on a brand new computer, the user has to be sure all cables, including the power, are correctly connected. Since there will be occasion when the user is required to input information, the mouse and keyboard must be present during the installation. The “Microsoft Windows 7 Professional” DVD and the case the DVD came in must be available during the installation. Now, assuming that the computer monitor is turned on, the user will start the computer by pushing the power button. As a standard for newer generation motherboards, similar to this machine, the normal starting boot option is set to boot from CD and, or DVD drive. Pushing the eject button associated with the CD/DVD drive, the hardware will then extend the cd tray. The user will now place the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system DVD on the cd tray and then slightly give the tray a push, causing the tray to retract. Without the DVD present in the CD/DVD drive, the computer will not install an operating system, but instead sit there and waste electricity. On the monitor’s screen, a black window will appear momentarily while the DVD content is being read. A...
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