How to Install Apache Mysql Php Phpmyadmin

Topics: PHP, MySQL, LAMP Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Title: How to Install Apache MySQL PHP and phpMyAdmin Author: Nathan Ota This file describes the process required to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin on a personal computer. The system was a Sony VGN-A270P with WindowXP with SP2. At the time of installation, no other server software existed on the computer. After the fact, I realized the website also has a tutorial for Apache2, PHP5, MySQL4, and phpMyAdmin. You may wish to use this tutorial as an alternate to the process described in this file. However, it appears the methodology for getting everything working together is different than the tutorial I used – you may have to hack a bit on the newer tutorial as well. This website has an excellent tutorial and was the basis for my successful installation. This tutorial was for Apache2, PHP4, MySQL4, and phpMyAdmin2.6. However, I installed Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, and phpMyAdmin2.7. I did encounter some discrepancies, which are described below, but for the most part this tutorial works as is. Download the required software. The tutorial first guides you to download the required software packages (some are self-extracting, some are just collections of file – don’t worry, just download). Instead, I downloaded the latest Generally Available (GA) releases (as noted on the respective websites). I did not use nor suggest using beta releases. • Apache2 o o Important: the desired file is “Win32 Binary (MSI Installer)” and not “Win32 Source”. o I downloaded version 2.0.55. At the time, 2.2.0 was not available for Windows. • MySQL 5.0.18 o o Important: the desired file is “Window(x86)” and not “Windows Essentials(x86)”. o Note this is an installation zip file. Clicking on this will initiate a selfinstallation procedure. • MySQL PHP Connector o...
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