How to Install 5.1 Home Theater System

Topics: Home cinema, Loudspeaker, Surround sound Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: December 3, 2012
How to install a 5.1 Home Theater System.

When a customer goes into the local electronics store, they should keep in mind what kind of system they are looking for. There are many kind of audio solution while shopping for a HT (home theater) system. A customer wants the best when shopping for a HT system, but they also want something that they can install themselves minus the swearing and loss of hair. There are many different types of audio solutions, but the basic one is called a 5.1 HT system. A 5.1 HT system consist of five speakers, a surround sound receiver and a Subwoofer (which is the .1 in 5.1). These speakers should be placed in certain spots of the room so you can get the movie theater experience right in your home. If you follow these simple steps, the installation process will go smoothly.

The first step is to make sure you have all the equipment necessary and the proper wires that are going to be used for the system. Make sure that you have plenty of speaker wire and all the audio cables. For example, if you are connecting a cable box and DVD player make sure you get the digital audio cables to connect to your surround sound receiver. Once you have unpacked all the cables and speakers you are ready you go to the next step.

The second step is to find proper locations in the room where you will be placing the speakers. Since we are connecting a 5.1 system, you have to find six locations. Generally the front left, front right, center speakers go around the TV on the stand and the subwoofer goes to the right or left of the TV stand on the floor. The rear right and rear left speakers will go behind the seating locations and corresponding with the TV. This step is critical because if the placements of the speakers are not correct, you will not get the full surround sound experience.

The third step is connecting the speakers to the surround sound receiver. There are a couple of ways to run the rear speaker wires to the receiver. The first way is...
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