How to Increase Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises

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How to Improve Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises

Basketball is a sport that needs high stamina, because basketball is a fast and energetic sport. Adrenaline is high in every game makes heart rate beating faster and only people who have high stamina that can hold out to play until the end of the game. Basketball players have to train hard to build the stamina in order to the body does not get tired quickly when playing basketball. Basketball players can do many training to improve stamina, and the best way to stamina is physical exercises. Physical exercises are very important to improve stamina of basketball players; players who never do physical exercises do not have enough stamina to play basketball until the end of the game. It is easy to improve stamina in basketball by following these three instructions, which are doing interval training, suicide training, and jumping rope.

The first exercise to improve stamina for basketball players is interval training. Interval training translates into the game of basketball at times when there is fast running mixed in with jogging. Begin the exercises with warming up 5 to 10 minutes; warming up by jogging 1 to 3 laps around the court. After do warming up, start the main exercises which is interval training. Do the interval training with distance 100 meters, do sprint 50 meters, then jogging 50 meters, and walk back; or with distance 100 meters, do sprint 50 meters, then stride 50 meters, and walk back. Basketball players can manage the distance to do the interval training. After do interval training, take a short break for 15 minutes before start the next exercise. Interval training is helping to improve the stamina of basketball players and key in to reach the fullest potential as a basketball player.

The next exercise is suicide training which is one of physical exercises in basketball to improve stamina and quickness to dribble of basketball players. Suicide is technical term for sprint training...
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