How to Improve Your Leadership Skills in Life and Business

Topics: Leadership, Management, Want Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: August 17, 2012
How to Improve Your Leadership Skills in Life and Business
Tips on How to Become a Genuine and Effective Leader
If your life's purpose is close or similar to become someone that the word Leader would fairly represent then you should be very concentrated on where you need to focus on more. If your focus is on how to get more people to follow you then you have to change your mindset. Your focus instead should be on How To grow yourself as a person and ultimately become the one that others will follow as a result of the Law of Attraction. People are attracted to other people when they feel that they are important and have lot to offer, helpful and open hearted, smart and spiritual, experts in their field etc. This may sounds simple but it is really not. It's a process and it takes time. Things to Consider

First Step is to become a good follower.
None of the True Leaders became one alone without any previous influences. To become a Leader, the kind of person that others will be willing to follow, you have to go through a school, educate yourself enough on your field of expertise and open your mind and horizons, stop looking at the shore and start looking at the ocean. You have to insert in your system the meaning of the word «Abundance». Think of Abundance every day many times, feel abundant, feel grateful, strong, winner, work your mind, visualize, improve, act! Forget about Mediocrity

You must apply excellence in your work every day
You sure do not want to be a Leader of mediocrity because nobody respects mediocrity. You have to give the WHOLE you in to what you are doing, overcome yourself, you will need to have the practical applied knowledge and skills plus you have to continually work hard and preserve your given passion. That already sounds inspiring isn't it? Forget about YOU and your personal gain from your Leadership. A true Leader is here in this world to serve. You will be successful when you will give your followers what they want and what they...
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