How to Improve the Quality of Life in Pakistan Through Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Education, Medicine Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Pakistan is facing many problems right now: corruption (of the government), the lack of education, environmental issues, law and order, the economy crisis, and the massive population. All these problems lead into other, bigger problems such as poverty. Poverty in Pakistan is a growing concern. It affects people by taking away the necessities of life such as clean drinking water, food, shelter and in some cases, proper clothing. To improve the quality of life in Pakistan, they have to solve the huge obstacle that is poverty first because poverty affects not only the people experiencing it, but also the others that are living around it (that would be the other 3 quarters of the population). To solve the expanding issue of poverty in Pakistan, they can start off with fixing the government, improving the education system and lessening the cost of the healthcare system. The government of Pakistan is corrupt. There is a huge mining project in Reko Diq, Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is said to contain approximately $3 Trillion worth of copper and gold. The scientists of Pakistan say that they have enough resources and materials to process the gold and copper but the government would rather hire foreign companies and keep their plan secret so that they could use the money earned for personal use. For the last 10 years, they have kept this project from the public. Only now has this information leaked into the media. So far, this issue has been forwarded to the Supreme Court, which is now pursuing the case. Although the government of Pakistan is corrupt, the judiciary is very independent and fair. So, if this case is successful, there almost wouldn’t be any poverty in Pakistan because of the gross amount of money it would have. To fix the issue of government, the citizens have to step forward. Since the government is so corrupt, it either has to be fixed or replaced. The people who live in the country are the ones to fix this because they are the ones in the power to...
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