How to Improve Service Quality from Internal Control Perspective

Topics: Management, Internal control, Human resource management Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: September 17, 2012
The fast food restaurant industry is highly competitive nowadays. It provides the same kinds of food around the world. Customers feel satisfied with short waiting time and low prices. And to guarantee the high quality services, it is important for companies to have an effective internal control of the restaurant. Yoshinoya, as one of the largest Japanese restaurant chain and global brand with more than 1,400 worldwide locations, announced four new restaurant openings in their core U.S. market of California, Texas and New York. In order to stay competitive in the market, Yoshinoya hired the professional consulting group to provide advice of how to improve service quality. This white paper will examine the operations of Yoshinoya from the internal control perspectives and propose recommendations.

Yoshinoya is the largest chain of beef bowl restaurants and one of the Japanese chains of fast food. It was established in Japan in 1899 and rapidly expanded as a global leader among quick service restaurants. Yoshinoya has over 1,400 locations and is enjoyed by millions across the globe. In 1979, Yoshinyo brought its unique fresh and healthy tradition to the United States, opening the first Yoshinoya restaurant in Los Angeles. Now it has expanded across California and to New York, Las Vegas and Arizona, and continues to expand throughout the United States. Riding on the success of its Japanese Beef Bowl concept, Yoshinoya plans to open four new restaurants in California, Texas, and New York. With the latest additions, the quick-service brand now operates or franchises 115 locations in the U.S. and 2012 will continue to be another aggressive growth year for Yoshinoya. On the way toward achieving its development and operations goals, Yoshinoya is now stuck by some of the control barriers, which include low competency of new staff, undesirable performance of regional general managers, etc. After testing the effectiveness...
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