How to Improve Our Environment

Topics: Global warming, Recycling, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Nowadays, our environment is becoming worse and some people have started to believe that people have to save the world for the new generation. Global warming is one of the most serious problems now, but some people do not care about the environment and keep producing pollution. We can see that there are a lot of animals or plants that are dying because of the high temperatures.  Improving the environment has many different solutions such as transportation, turning off the electric appliances and recycling.

In developed countries, people usually have more than one cars and it is one of the reasons why air pollution is becoming worsen. People drive their own car too often, so the temperature is increasing each year. However, some people still do not care about it until the price of gasoline goes up. They find out that taking the bus or train is cheaper for them and helpful for the earth. The benefits of using public transportation make people comfortable, and it is also affordable, but the most important point is that the more people use them, the less air pollution we produce.

Turning off all the electric appliances is very difficult now, but we can do it in our houses. Computers and lights are the tools that people who live in the city cannot live without, but some people do not turn them off when they do not use them. It not only damages the environment but also wastes the resources. People are very worried that if our environment is becoming worse and our resources are decreasing, it is possible that people will not live on the earth for a long time. The small action that we can do is turning electric appliances off when we do not use them.

We know that people can produce a large amount of garbage per day, and there is a way to decrease the output of trash. Recycling is the most helpful way, because it not only reduces the garbage but also improves our environment. Although it is not easy to keep a new habit, if people do it once a week, it...
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