How to Housebreak Your New Puppy

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  • Published : February 1, 2010
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If your new puppy is going to be an inside pet, then you should strongly consider housebreaking him. Housebreaking a puppy not only stops him from urinating or defecating in the house, but also trains him to hold it until it’s time to go outside. Keep in mind that in order to housebreak a puppy, you will have to invest time and energy for about a month or so. You should have the following items before you bring your new puppy home. You will need a crate, basically a small dog carrier or kennel, preferably plastic material because it’s easier to clean out. Toys, dog treats, verbal command (potty/outside), potty location, patience, good attitude, hard liquor or beer, Motrin and additional patience will be needed during this process. You should begin the process of housebreaking your puppy as soon as you get home. A puppy does not like to soil the place it sleeps; therefore the crate needs to be small but just big enough for the puppy to be comfortable in. If the crate is too large, the puppy will not “hold it” and he will find an area to relieve himself. Keep your puppy in his crate throughout the day. No food or water goes in the crate during this process, but you can give him a chew toy to keep him occupied. A puppy around 12 weeks needs to relieve itself around 6 times a day, also after napping and every meal. The next part of this process is probably the most important part of housebreaking your puppy. When it’s time to take a potty break, you need to pick your puppy up and carry him outside to area you chose as the potty location. You don’t want your puppy to have any accidents on your way outside; this is why you don’t let him walk. When you reach the potty area say and repeat the verbal command, such as “potty” or “outside” while he is sniffing around. Remember, it is important to stick with this word once you choose it. Be patient and don’t rush your puppy during this time. If after 10 minutes of circling and sniffing around and your puppy shows no signs...
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