How to Hit a Baseball

Topics: Base on balls, Baseball, Batting Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: November 15, 2010
It is often said the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a baseball. Hitting a round ball with a round bat is nearly impossible. How do hitters do it? Hitting is much more complex than making contact between the ball and the bat. Hitting is fundamental. One needs excellent hand-eye coordination. How does one hit a baseball? First off, one must have the proper batting stance. The proper stance is feet a little wider than shoulder width, knees bent and an almost straight upper body with both eyes facing the pitcher. When this is done correctly the batter has a better chance of hitting the baseball. The next thing to being a successful hitter is hitting the ball in between the foul lines. This is a difficult task in itself. One’s timing must be precise enough to not be too early and not be too late. One must “trust their hands” enough to know when to swing at the baseball. One must keep their eye on the ball until it hits the bat. This is not physically possible, but it helps many amateur hitters with the concept of hitting. This concept is one of the first that many young hitters are taught. This is often the hardest thing a young hitter goes through. If one does not keep their eye on the ball then how will they hit it? Second, one must realize that the swing starts in the feet. The feet moving starts the movement of ones legs. The swing starts with the stride. The stride is one of the most important components of hitting. A stride that is too long will cause the hitter to lose power; a stride to short will not produce enough power. Really it’s about the batters comfort. Some hitters have long strides and some just lift their toe up and put it down. As long as the weight is transferred to the back leg then it doesn’t matter how long or short the stride is, but one must have a stride. One must have a good “load” when he/she hits. The balance cannot be equal during the load. If one is a right handed hitter then the weight distribution is 60/40. 60% of one’s weight...
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