How to Help Children to Improve Their Communication Skills

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How to Help Children to Improve their Communication Skills
The ability for communicating effectively is essential for both adults as well as children. Children need to communicate well at school while discussing academic concepts with their teachers and participating in also group discussions held in class. A child having adequate skills of communication is good in expressing himself or herself and understands too the way of listening to others. So here are some important steps for helping your child to communicate his or her thoughts in a more clear way. Step 1

Active listening skill should be taught by you to your child. Ask him or her to concentrate in the body language of yours, your voice tone and meaning behind the words you say. Tell him or her story and then ask him or her to tell what he or she heard from you. Praise him or her when he or she communicates back correctly the story to you. While talking, ask him or her to read the expressions on your face. Step 2

Play the game “Just a Minute” as the site Teaching Expertise recommends. Write down some short titles of topics and put those in one jar. Make use of “How to” titles such as “How to prepare butter sandwich with peanut.” Ask your kid for drawing a topic from jar. Allow him to see the topic and next set timer for a minute. Give him instruction for talking on the topic for one whole minute. This activity aims at teaching your child to remain on a topic while he talks instead of deviating from the topic which is given. Step 3

Cut 5 to 10 pictures from a magazine. Show your child the pictures and ask him or her to select a picture. Start telling a story made by you regarding the picture. If it is shown in the picture that one mother and her daughter are together cooking, give people in picture names and also make up few details regarding their life. You stop talking then encourage your child to tell this story with complete ending. At the same time reassure him or her that incorrect...
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