How to Have a Purpose Driven Life

Topics: Meaning of life, The Purpose Driven Life, Life Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: April 15, 2011
How to Have A Purpose Driven Life....
Everyone in life has a purpose for being put on this Earth, but everyone doesn't know what that purpose is. We walk in life day by day wondering why we were put in this cruel world thinking that there is no answer, but the truth is, there is an answer. The Purpose Driven Life was written by Rick Warren to show people that they find their purpose through God and until they realize that, life will never make sense to them. In this essay, one will learn that no one is an accident, what drives a person's life, life from God's view, the reason for everything, and that we were all planned for God's pleasure. Life may seem purposeless sometimes, but get ready to learn that you have a purpose from God.

To begin with, Warren says that “A person's parents may not have planned them, but God did so no one's birth is a pure mistake” (pg.22). In life people go through phases where they feel like they are just an accident that happened one night but that's never true. God wanted to create every human being on this Earth; otherwise, they would not be here. He chose every aspect of each individual on this earth, from the color of their skin to the size of their body. God chose our talents and our downfalls to make each individual unique in their own special way. The motive for every creation of God is love and he values every one of us because he has a purpose for everyone being here. We are all gifts of love and purpose and focusing on that can take a person far in life. We should all believe that we are here for a reason and that's all that matters.

Secondly, everyone's life is driven by something (Warren 27). Many people are driven by different things. Some people are driven by guilt on a daily basis. People driven by guilt spend their life living in shame and regret. They are haunted by the memories they have from their past and they let it consume their lives. This kind of life is one of the main reasons many people commit...
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