How to Give a Presentation

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  • Published: December 4, 2012
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Task 1 Analysing Dragon’s Den: The Perfect Pitch **************************************************************** Task 2 Technique: Presentations Dos & Don’ts

Corporate Strategy / Tools and Techniques


Task 1. The Perfect Pitch –The Dragon’s Den

Art out there - Experience

Strengths Umbrolli - Great business idea -> NEW - to many costs once it is set up

Art out there

Weaknesses Umbrolli - not a lot of experience

- too self-confident - no room for negotiation

- Marketing Plan

Opportunities Art out there Umbrolli - trend of concert taking place outside is very big - Weather conditions - new contracts with stations

Art out there

Threats Umbrolli - amount of selffinancing became small

- saturated market - high risk business

Conclusion: It is a critical failure for “Art out there” because in the end the character of the manager did not fit in the dragons’ ideal although the business idea itself was a good one. To me this is following message: It is not only about money and financing, it is also about trust, sympathy, honesty and respect. It is a subjective point of view and one little moment can make a big difference – we are all human beings! The company Umbrolli was successful in the pitch. However, it is a critical success because the equity of the company became small. The shareholders bought 44 % of the company. From a financial perspective this can be positive, from the business perspective this could mean a lot of pressure and no freedom in terms of ideas and implementation.


Corporate Strategy / Tools and Techniques


Task 2. ‘Cherry-picking’ your tools and techniques for business excellence.

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12 Presentations (Do’s and Don’ts) Students, Workers, Managers basically everyone Whenever there is the need to communicate something to a wider audience; Business Presentations 13, 15 3 Category: Work...
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