How to Give a Presentation

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Task 1 Analysing Dragon’s Den: The Perfect Pitch **************************************************************** Task 2 Technique: Presentations Dos & Don’ts

Corporate Strategy / Tools and Techniques


Task 1. The Perfect Pitch –The Dragon’s Den

Art out there - Experience

Strengths Umbrolli - Great business idea -> NEW - to many costs once it is set up

Art out there

Weaknesses Umbrolli - not a lot of experience

- too self-confident - no room for negotiation

- Marketing Plan

Opportunities Art out there Umbrolli - trend of concert taking place outside is very big - Weather conditions - new contracts with stations

Art out there

Threats Umbrolli - amount of selffinancing became small

- saturated market - high risk business

Conclusion: It is a critical failure for “Art out there” because in the end the character of the manager did not fit in the dragons’ ideal although the business idea itself was a good one. To me this is following message: It is not only about money and financing, it is also about trust, sympathy, honesty and respect. It is a subjective point of view and one little moment can make a big difference – we are all human beings! The company Umbrolli was successful in the pitch. However, it is a critical success because the equity of the company became small. The shareholders bought 44 % of the company. From a financial perspective this can be positive, from the business perspective this could mean a lot of pressure and no freedom in terms of ideas and implementation.


Corporate Strategy / Tools and Techniques


Task 2. ‘Cherry-picking’ your tools and techniques for business excellence.

T&T No: Title: For use by: When to use: Also see T&T No.: Difficulty Rating Symbols: M    

12 Presentations (Do’s and Don’ts) Students, Workers, Managers basically everyone Whenever there is the need to communicate something to a wider audience; Business Presentations 13, 15 3 Category: Work Smarter

This symbol indicates critical points throughout each tool or technique. This symbol indicates group work environment. This symbol indicates a priority action point. This symbol indicates note-taking or flipchart required. This symbol indicates a potential risk or pitfall area. This symbol indicates DOs This symbol indicates DON’Ts


Corporate Strategy / Tools and Techniques


Technique: Presentation (Do’s and Dont’s)
It is scientifically proven that giving a presentation is men’s greatest fear, more than death. We could therefore assume that the person giving the speech at the funeral would rather be in the coffin himself resp. herself than standing in front of the people. Which is absurd! In this case study I would like to explain how to prepare for a presentation as well the as most important tips about the technique of giving presentations. This should help to cope with the anxiety before a speech. In each topic the most important Do’s  Preparation is key Giving a presentation is, like many other skills in life, a question of experience. Usually, the more presentations you have given the better you cope with anxiety and thus the better they get! It depends on how good your preparation is in order to avoid anxiety and build up self-confidence. It is not essential that you know every single word of the presentation beforehand. In fact, it is even better when some words will come out spontaneously. However, it is extremely important that you know your outline. This means, there must be a structure in the whole presentation that can be easily followed by the audience. If you don’t know the venue you will hold your speech at, inspect it beforehand! This will help you to avoid unnecessarily anxiety. Consider enough preparation time Be structured and know the outline and content of your presentation Check out your venue! Practice! Practice! Practice! Maybe in front of family or friends? Waste time learning every single word by heart...
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