How to Give a “Knockout” Presentation by Willis Jensen

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How to Give a “Knockout” Presentation
Adopted from SOS Seminar By Willis Jensen


• General Guidelines • Slide Do’s and Don’ts
 

Handouts Powerpoint Navigation

• Delivery Do’s and Don’ts

How to Handle Questions

• Final Thoughts


General Guidelines

A good presentation is a “POPTA” presentation What does POPTA stand for?


General Guidelines

• Purpose

You need to define your purpose for giving the presentation

Teach, Persuade, Prove, Review, Expository, Impress, Put to Sleep, Entertain?

Often your goal is a high level overview, even for a technical presentation Don’t tell them everything you did, you’ll bore them


General Guidelines

• Organization
 

Always have an outline Tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them 

Hint: I am doing this for this presentation

Problem then solution

Not just “data then solution” or “solution then problem”


General Guidelines

• Preparation

An unprepared presenter loses the audience before even starting Practice makes perfect and builds confidence Arrive early, make sure everything is set up Dress appropriately Slides should be done well in advance

 


General Guidelines

• Time

Be sure you know how much time you have while preparing the presentation 

Not 5 minutes before you start Always have a watch or clock in view

It is better to end early than to go over

 

You’ll never have enough time to tell everything so stick to the most important Rule of thumb  

At most 1 slide per minute of presentation Better to plan 2 minutes for each slide


General Guidelines

• Audience
 

Be sure you know your audience well Tailor presentation to your audience 

Failure to do this is probably the biggest mistake people make

Watch the audience for clues


Slide Do’s and Don’ts
• “PowerPoint doesn’t give presentations – PowerPoint makes slides” 

From website

• Your comments should be more compelling than the slides • You shouldn’t put everything on the slide 

K.I.S.S. Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Do include 50% white space • Do make it obvious which section of your outline you’re in • Do make each slide stand on its own 

Generally 1 main point for each slide

• Do use animation

Don’t overuse it

Makes it difficult and annoying to navigate


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Do include written conclusion for every graph 

Don’t forget to add meaningful labels, titles, captions, etc. to graphs Percentage of People Needing Presentation Skills







Yes No Academia

Yes Industry


Conclusion - It is important to learn presentation skills!


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Don’t use yellow text

Do use dark text and bold

• Do use formatting and color to emphasize (e.g. POPTA) • Don’t include unrelated pictures


Slide Do’s and Don’ts

• Don’t do serif fonts (like Times New Roman)

• Do use sans serif fonts (like Arial)

or Tahoma


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Do save your file using “embedded fonts” 

File menu->Save As->Tools (in upper right hand corner)->Save Options->Embed True Type Fonts


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Don’t just copy formulas and equations from your work (dissertation, paper, etc.)   

Also known as “equationitis” Do use formulas and equations sparingly Do explain all notation used


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Do check your spelling for mistakes 

Spelling errors instantly destroy credibility and convey lack of preparation

• Do use a template if using PowerPoint • Do put Thanks slide at the end


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Do use a light background like this


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Or like this


Slide Do’s and Don’ts • Or...
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