How to Get a Second Date

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How to Get That Second Date
Have you ever found yourself wondering why he never called back? If so, continue reading. Its tragic to witness the numerous times that women mess up on the first date, resulting in that first date being the last. I would like to discuss the following things that shouldn’t be taken lightly in dating girls’ eyes: clothing, appetite, and connection.

Clothes mean more than you realize and can be a deal maker, or deal breaker. You don’t want to be misconceived as being “easy”, because men like the chase. When you show too much skin, you leave less to his imagination. Keep your cleavage hidden and make sure your black lacey bra isn’t viewable through your white, thin tank top- leave that tank top at home. Wear something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear in front of your parents, and something your parents wouldn’t wear. The goal is to keep his eyes on you and keep his mind on you even after the date. If you wear a dress or a skirt, make sure that when you bend over he cant read the cute phrase that’s written on your panties…that’s for later. Wearing heels is always a plus and dresses up any outfit, so when choosing your shoes, ditch the sneakers or flats. Not only is it important to look good, but also to eat well.

I know it’s what every girl thinks about when on a date so it should be addressed. Deciding what to order is crucial to your date’s impression of you. First off, don’t fill up on French bread and garlic butter. You know you’ve gone too far when the waiter asks if you would like more bread and your date says yes…because he didn’t get any. If this happens…well…at least you have a great personality! Most people think that salads are the best choice on the menu, but that’s not the case. If you’re not a thin person, he knows you don’t eat salads on a daily basis and he’ll pick up on the fact that it’s out of character. If you happen to be thin, then show him you can eat! Men don’t like girls with a diet...
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