How to Get a Driving License in Malaysia

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Driving test Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: June 29, 2012
It is important for us to have our own driving license. In order to get the license, we should pass the test related to Malaysian rules and regulations on the road. The test is divided into theory and practical. Getting a driving license in Malaysia is reasonably easy as mentioned in the following paragraph. As beginners, getting a license, for both riding and driving, we would have to contact an instructor who is certified and has a lot of experience at teaching how to ride or drive before. Being in contact with the instructor can just simply be a call or or a visit to the driving school. Then, we go for lecture to prepare yourself for the theory test, and for your information you can have a license for motorcycle at 16 and driving at 17. The theory test must be taken before taking any of these tests (only once if you take both license within a year). The lecture takes about five hours stated on paper but in reality only needs about four hours. After that, we are given two books and a CD (because the theory test is taken on a PC at the driving school), a book explains about the rules and regulations on the road and more. Then another book is a compilation of 500 questions where the 50 questions in the test is chosen from. We had to pay for RM250 for the theory test alone(which includes transport), another RM250 for the practical test(a totally time and money wasting process) and RM800 for the 8-hours of teaching and 'test trial' and the actual driving test itself. Now we go home to read the book and memorize the important information and get a sense of how the test will be and then we contact our instructor to perform the test. Make sure that we are well prepared for the theory test. After passing the test(passing score of 42/50), we are ready for the next process which is the practical lesson, in this 'practical lesson' costs another RM250 and another day listening to lecture for another 3 hours, then you would wait at the driving school for the school...
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