How to Get Rid of Your Roommate Without Committing a Crime

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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How to Get Rid of Your Roommate without Committing a Crime.
Have you ever had a roommate who never cleaned up after themselves. They are always leaving their dishes in the sink and dirty clothes everywhere. You may find yourself asking, “How can I get rid of my roommate?” Here are some ways to help you get rid of your roommate.

First, you could become annoying trying out different things that you already do but take and times it by ten. Doing whatever you do right now that is annoying is obviously not working since you are still stuck with your roommate. So a way to become annoying is to start making toast for breakfast each morning, but without plugging in the toaster. Eat the plan bread while looking at the toaster in an extremely angry manner and complain loudly about how the toaster doesn’t obviously know how to do its job. If your roommate tells you that it might help if you plug in the toaster, look at your roommate with disbelief look and tell them that it’s against the buildings fire cod.

Secondly become a slob yourself by leaving everything of yours laying around and not picking up after yourself after you cook. A couple of ways you are able to become a slob is by leaving your dishes with food still on them out. Leaving a pile of hair from your hair brush in the bathroom. Letting them know what you are doing at all times from the mess you leave behind you. When they try to talk to you about trying to pick up after yourself, reply that you are way too busy to pick up and continue on what you were doing.

Finally, you make them feel like they are going insane by moving their things around on them. The best things to move on them are things they use daily so they are always wondering where they put it. When they ask you if you have seen the missing item you tell them that you haven’t but deep down you are smiling to yourself thinking, “Oh yeah I know where all of your missing Items are at.”

Dishes, dirty clothing, and random messes...
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