How to Get Rid of the Homeless

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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For many years we all witnessed the life the brutal life of homeless people, and for many years we try to figure out a way to get rid of them. So how can we prevent them from knocking on our car windows asking for spare change, holding up signs in our face, sleeping on our busy streets? How can we make them look decent like normal people? What if I tell you there are many solutions on how to get rid of these people or use them for good use? Let’s get to the obvious point, how do we get rid of them? Well we can just simply let them die. Yeah it might be too easy of a way to get rid of these people but that’s the point. With so many homeless people around, they may cause a lot of overpopulation. They serve no purpose here because they don’t even fit in the statistical reasons for overpopulation. They can’t get any jobs so why should they be here. It would make more sense if we just let them go to another place where there are no problems for them if you know what I mean. Another good way of getting rid of homeless people is by eating them, even small children. The small children would have the most nutritional meat. Their meat would be frozen because of the long winters spent outside. Florida is ranked 43 out of 50 in homeless children so you know what this means. This means we normal people won’t have to spend a dime at the grocery store, because we would have plenty of children to devour for many years to come. This would not only end child homelessness but it would also give us a tasty meal for life. If letting the homeless die is too cruel we can also use them to our benefit. What if I tell you that we can use them for good use? How can we make the A.S.P.C.A (The American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals) happy? We all can use the homeless people facial hair as fur coats. We shave them and make their facial hair a sweater or blanket or fur coats. Now granted, it would probably smell but after you wash it a few times the smell...
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