How to Get over a Break Up

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It' feels like it's the end of the world ehh? You don't know what to do, u get that sick stomach feeling and you don't feel like eating or drinking or doing anything? You don't know who to talk to, you dont even want to talk to anyone, you feel like crying every time you think about him/her .. well.. Yes. Welcome to the hard side of love. It sucks. I know. It completely does. You never knew that it would ever come to this day. The worst part is every sad love song reminds you bat him/her. Well.. fIRST stop listening to sngs. It gets you more depressed. Cry as much as you can. And I mean it, as much as you can. Just let everything get out of your head, every memory. Cry. It's the best medicine. Every tear wil eventually make you forget every memory ( you dnt realize it,but it's true) . The more you cry the better you feel. Cry until you can not cry any more. I swear it helps.

Start watching a tv series,There's zoo many nice tv ; how I met your mother, glee, gossip girl. Anything. It works. Just stay occupied. That way you don't tend to think about your new ex. :o Go out with your friends and family.

If you want you can start writing how you feel.. Trust me this is the second best way to help you forget all the memories... Every time you write something, you feel like it's not there in your head, the burden goes down, ur head and heart feels way too lighter. Keep pictures and all other memories away from your reach. Start doing something new, like learn a new instrument, learn how to cook, learn a new language, or anything you have been procrastinating for a while!

It does not get better with in a day or so, it takes time, but always remember that you are special and that it's the biggest mistake ur ex did, he/she will probably never find someone as good as you, n the world has 6 million people or so, trust me, it's not the end of the world, you are an amazing and beautiful person,pretty from the inside and out both, so just get your...
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